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So, I just finished reading this book. And i recommend it .

I got what I expected and more.
I expected biblically-backed teachings about relationships, well i was served that.
But that wasn't all.
This book is laced with practical and realistic relationship advice that will serve as a blueprint to a model marriage.

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The book is indeed expository 🔥.
I love how she shares her journey throughout each chapter.
She touched on a lot of issues young ladies don’t know how to deal with when it comes to relationship and courtship in general.
She gets to the root of many relationship problems, how they can be solved and avoided.
She also gives practical directions on certain questions to ask your patner during courtship.

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Had been eagerly anticipating this book since it was first announced.
I love this book. It's such a blessing and it's life changing . May this book bring revival to those who need it.

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Let's just do a top five list of how much i loved this book and why you should read it.
1. Regardless of your views this is a book you need to read it will help you understand relationships more clearly.
2. Ezy's writing is beautiful and poetic.
3. Every pastor/church leader needs to read this book to help them teach love and relationship seminars better.
4. It is not a book to fly through because every chapter is filled with meat and truth.
5. You'll need to read it with a pen in hand so you can underline and jot points.
6. This is the book every parent needs to read so they can help their kids know and understand how relationships work.
Thank you, Ezy!

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I was immediately captivated by the title from the start.
I listened to Ezys podcast a long time ago and i was amazed.This book is an excellent read as well. This book has a message for everyone.

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